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From their home studio in the Galisteo Basin, Joshua works side by side with his wife Rachel. While Joshua dedicates himself to the meticulous fabrication of his one-of -a- kind pieces, Rachel oversees the day-to-day operations of the business as well as adding creative input. This home-based partnership allows Joshua and Rachel to balance their growing business alongside the raising of their family.


Born and raised in New Mexico, Joshua is a third generation craftsman and a self taught metalsmith. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, Joshua's designs are rich with New Mexico's ranch and western heritage. Attention to detail and unique style are cornerstones of his individualism, creativity and respect for all our deep heritages.


An accomplished metalsmith, Joshua is able to be bold, subtle and edgy. His process from start to finish is one of extreme focus and passion. Quality craftsmanship comes from many hours searching for the very best American high grade stones, and using sterling silver, and fine gold.  Working from the homestead Joshua is able to draw great inspiration and drive, to be true to his craft and heart.  He is known to clientele, friends and family as always smiling, ready to offer a helping hand and a unique point of view.

Joshua Bingham Jewelry LLC
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