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Custom Orders

Custom Orders are what really drive my passion for making jewelry, I enjoy getting to know my clients and creating something personal and unique to them. I want every thing that leave my hands to be a representation of my best work .

Educating my clients on the process of making each piece and the quality and diversity of stones is also crucial.  This is important because not all jewelry or stones are created equally.  There are your really top-notch gem grade stones that are rare and hard to find, these will increase with value as they become more sought after and hard to find. there are also less valuable stone, but all the same beautiful and a good investment. Then you have your lower grade, Stabilized stones and of course fake or block turquoise which you want to stay away from. I have developed a keen eye for turquoise over the years and help my clients to choose the best stone for their piece based on their budget and the size and setting of the piece. Doing all of my own lapidary work helps to ensure stones are cut and backed properly for all of my pieces and I've always got a multitude of stones available to choose from. 


When it comes to metal I pour all of my own silver and gold into an ingot that I then handroll for each piece. I enjoy the whole process of  metal work to lapidary from scratch, being made by my own two hands. Craftsmanship and quality are my top priority and I truly believe there is a stone for every budget.


Custom orders require a deposit of half down of our decided upon budget and the other half upon completion of the piece. Typically orders take somewhere between 6-10 weeks in order for me to complete and my books are always open.

If your interested in discussing a custom piece please send us a message below. E-mail us @ or give us a call @ (505) 372-0709.    


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